Thursday, 26 March 2015

Why I love creating container candles

image domum vindemia teacup candle container vanilla scented homewares shabby chic willow style cup blue white vintage

Every now and then I go through a period of questioning about my creations wondering why I make each piece, especially those which take a lot of time to create or put me in a headspin trying to keep the creative process in order.

image domum vindemia container candle vanilla scented homewares vintage heart shaped powder box

One range which I most frequently ponder along these lines also happens to be one of my favourites: my container candle range.  I adore these delightfully shabby chic candles, but they do take a long time to make when you take into account my treasure hunting for suitable containers as well as the long process it takes to melt and re-set candle wax beautifully.  And that's all before I even get to the stress of wondering if customers will be willing to pay the exorbitant postage fees charged by Australia Post!

image domum vindemia container candle vintage rose powder box vanilla scented homewares shabby chic

So why do I keep making container candles for Domum Vindemia?  Because I love them and so do my customers!!!  Not only is each one of a kind candle beautiful to look at, the vanilla-scented candle wax smells DELICIOUS both while I'm creating my pieces and when they sit in storage waiting to go to their new homes.  And my favourite part?  An old, sometimes unloved, item is upcycled into something new, beautiful and loved.  I'm so thrilled to know that there are others out there who love my container candles as much as I do.

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