Friday, 28 November 2014

Handmade Christmas Gift Guide: Teachers

Today's gift guide covers a range of items with which to thank teachers for working so hard to teach your little troublemakers (yes, that's the little Cheeky Monkeys through and through!) all year.  For those of you who are still studying or have gone back for more studies, there are gifts appropriate for your favourite lecturers and tutors too.  And don't forget the poor swimming, language, or dance teachers and sports coaches either!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

New Candyland Additions

As you can probably tell by the tone and sudden increase in blog posts, things are at that pre-Christmas craziness which annually hits the Two Cheeky Monkeys household.  But in spite of all the running around and stress, I have still found some time to keep working on new pieces for my stores.

image melian necklace candyland range two cheeky monkeys pink sakura flower avocado green vintage beads

This week I found time to add to my beloved Candyland range of necklaces with two new necklaces completed.  Although I don't mix and match colours in my own wardrobe, I do love to create in striking (and sometimes bold for me) colour combinations.  What do you think of the latest Candyland necklaces?

image orome necklace two cheeky monkeys candyland range woodland owl navy blue sunshine yellow vintage beads lucite

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Handmade Christmas Gift Guide: Little Ones

If you love to buy handmade for the children in your life, then today's post is going to have you buzzing with great gift ideas!  There are items for both boys and girls and a range for older and younger children too.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

DIY Rhinestone Cross Bracelet

I know you all know just how much I loooove bracelets, both making and wearing them.  So it might surprise you to find out that I haven't shared many bracelet tutorials on my blog.  Today I am rectifying that by sharing a quick rhinestone cross bracelet DIY which I did with the little Cheeky Monkeys.  Being Christians, the cross holds significant meaning for us, and wearing one in our jewellery is a fun sign of our faith.  If wearing a large cross on your wrist is not your thing, then this bracelet is easily adaptable to any other large jewellery connector with a loop on both ends.

image diy tutorial rhinestone cross bracelet stretch elastic beaded

one large rhinestone cross connector, or other large connector (available here and here)
- 15-20 8mm glass beads or pearls (depending on your wrist size)
- clear beading elastic, approximately 2-2.5 times the length of your wrist
- gel superglue or jeweller's Hypo Cement

image diy tutorial rhinestone cross bracelet stretch elastic beaded two cheeky monkeys
1.  To prevent bead spills, attach a bead stopper to one end of the elastic.  Thread the beads onto the beading elastic.

image diy tutorial rhinestone cross bracelet stretch elastic beaded two cheeky monkeys
2. Pass the elastic through the loop on one end of the cross connector.  Carefully thread the elastic back through half of your beads, making sure the beads abut right up to the connector loop, but not too tightly.

image diy tutorial rhinestone cross bracelet stretch elastic beaded two cheeky monkeys

3. Remove the bead stopper, if using one.  Thread this remaining loose end of the elastic through the other end of the cross connector.  Pass the elastic back through the remaining beads.

image diy tutorial rhinestone cross bracelet stretch elastic beaded two cheeky monkeys

4. Tighten the elastic and loosely tie an overhand knot.  Carefully try on the bracelet for size, adding or removing beads as needed.

image diy tutorial rhinestone cross bracelet stretch elastic beaded two cheeky monkeys

5. Once the bracelet is the required size, tie two overhand knots on top of each other to secure the bracelet.  Make sure to tighten the bracelet so that the beads sit nicely next to the connector, but not too tightly.  Dab a drop of glue onto the elastic knot and leave to dry.

image diy tutorial rhinestone cross bracelet stretch elastic beaded two cheeky monkeys

6. Once the glue is dry, cut the spare elastic close to the knot and adjust the elastic to hide the knot inside a bead.  Now wear your bracelet with pride!

Monday, 24 November 2014

Handmade Christmas Gift Guide: For Him

If your family and friends are anything like mine, shopping for the menfolk can be a tad difficult.  I've put together some of my favourite Madeit finds for men, some of which I wouldn't mind for myself either!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Things I Love: Ceramic Insects

For those of you who have an abhorrence of insects and all things creepy crawlie, Anna Collette Hunt's stunning ceramic works may just change your mind.

I was recently introduced to Hunt's ceramic creations and was immediately captivated by them, especially the "stagbeetlefly" collection.

These whimsical insects are remarkably accurate, biologically speaking (if such a creature as a "scarabfly" could exist!), and the colours are some of my favourite.  So would you fill your home with these delightful ceramic insects?  Or do you dislike insects too much?

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Handmade Christmas Gift Guide: For the Girly Girl

The second in my series of handmade gift guides is all for the girly girls out there.  I'm sure you all know at least one (or two)!  There are items for both adults and children - enjoy.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

More "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Remember my post last week showing off my latest literature creations featuring To Kill a Mockingbird?  Well, for those of you who were happily clapping your hands, then today's post will make you even happier.

image to kill a mockingbird thumtack set push pins harper lee domum vindemia

Inspired by the reception the TKAM jewellery pieces have received, I decided to expand the TKAM range to Domum Vindemia too.  You can now find your favourite characters celebrated in both the magnet and thumbtack sets.  I'm also planning to add some TKAM stitch marker/asymmetrical earring sets as soon as I can decide which four character names to use.  What do you think?  Who was your favourite TKAM character?

image to kill a mockingbird magnet set fridge harper lee atticus finch domum vindemia

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Handmade Christmas Gift Guide: Decorations

Today's post is a first in a series of "handmade Christmas" posts featuring items from talented Madeit sellers (as well as my own stores).  I am a big fan of handmade Christmas decorations, especially as they are usually unique and not mass made and come in a range of decorating styles rather than just what the large department stores think will sell.  Enjoy!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Tickle The Imagination Magazine Giveaway

Edit: Welcome to all the visitors who have found this blog post via the Sew Mama Sew giveaway!  I have extended this giveaway as part of the twice yearly SMS giveaway day fun - enjoy.

Remember that I mentioned I am now a tickle the imagination magazine ambassador and how excited I was?  Well, now the excitement can be all yours!  This week I am hosting a giveaway for the latest issue of tickle.  That's right, one lucky reader will receive a paper copy of issue 17: paper. scissors. rock.

image tutorial diy paper boat and lace mobile project pattern tickle the imagination
 Shabby chic paper boat and lace mobile project.

What do you have to do to enter?  Fill out your entry in the Rafflecopter form below - that's it!
This giveaway is open worldwide and will run until December 12.  The winner has 48 hours to reply to my email before another winner is chosen.

image rustic layer cake ombre tickle the imagination recipe
Rustic ombre cake recipe.

Can't wait to get your hands on a copy of tickle?  Follow the subscription link on either the right or bottom sidebars.  And this weekend only, subscribers will receive 40% off their yearly subscription (offer expires 13th December 2014).

 Chess piece tiara project.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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