Wednesday, 18 March 2015

DIY Honeycomb Paper

Here at Two Cheeky Monkeys HQ we are big fans of honeycomb-style pom poms and decorations.  In fact, we are such big fans that I decided that we needed to learn how to make our own honeycomb paper to create decor in our favourite colour schemes.  Today's post shares a quick "how to" for others who want to try their hand at making honeycomb poms (without the expense of hunting down and buying pre-made honeycomb paper).

- tissue paper,  24-40 sheets of 25x25cm paper, depending on how "fluffy" you want your honeycomb shape to look
- scissors
- glue stick or double-sided adhesive tape
- paper template


image tutorial honeycomb paper make a lined template with alternate lines marked

1. Take your tissue paper sheets and cut them to a 25x25cm size (this size is suitable for anything up to a large pom pom).  If you want to make multicoloured poms, alternate tissue paper colours every 3-4 sheets.
Next, make a honeycomb paper template as above - the width between your lines will depend on whether you want a small and tight or large and airy honeycomb look and on the size of the poms you are making.
Make sure that every alternate line is marked in some way, either with a circle (as I have done), a number/letter or in a different coloured pen.

image tutorial diy honeycomb paper place tape on every second line

2. Place your first sheet of tissue paper on top of the template, making sure that you can see the line markers.  Now place a thin strip of double-sided tape (or glue if you are using a glue stick) on every line you have marked with a circle/letter/first colour.
If you're using the tape, carefully remove the tape backing.  Place the next sheet of tissue paper on top of the first.  Don't worry if there are a few creases or it's a little uneven.

image diy tutorial honeycomb paper place tape or glue on the alternate lines now

3. Now place tape (or glue) on all your alternate lines (the ones not marked with a circle/letter/etc).  If you are doing this correctly, you will find that your tape/glue lines are spaced between the first set of tape/glue lines.  Remove the backing tape and place the next sheet of tissue paper on top.

image diy tutorial honeycomb paper keep adding tape and tissue paper in alternating lines

4. Continue taping/gluing and layering tissue paper sheets with the rest of your paper.  I would suggest a minimum of 24 sheets, but you could do as many as 40 to 50 for a fluffier look.

image tutorial diy honeycomb paper

5. To check that you are taping/gluing your sheets together correctly, pull up your paper sheets at the edge.  You should see the beginnings of your honeycomb pattern forming when the sheets are pulled apart.

And there you have it, honeycomb paper in your favourite colour scheme ready to turn into fun decorations for your home!  If you do make your own paper, please leave me a link to photos of your homemade honeycomb paper goodies.

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