Monday, 16 December 2013

Something New: A Two Cheeky Monkeys Sneak Peek

image zelena bracelet asymmetry range asymmetrical two cheeky monkeys vintage glass cabochon emerald green glass jewels

With just over a week until Christmas, I have been busily working on a new range of jewellery for Two Cheeky Monkeys amidst the chaos of end of year functions and Christmas preparations.  This new range of bracelets, the Asymmetry range, encompasses many of my favourite jewellery styles to create.

image vasanta bracelet two cheeky monkeys vintage glass cabochon aqua blue pink rose glass jewels brass asymmetry asymmetrical

Half of this new range includes bracelets combining vintage glass cabochons, beads and/or glass jewels.  Not only are the bracelets asymmetrical in the way the clasp is situated and the use of both beads and vintage glass jewels, but several of the bracelets are also split in half colour-wise.

image mr darcy bracelet sapphire blue royal asymmetry asymmetrical pride and prejudice jane austen two cheeky monkeys vintage brass

And I couldn't create a new range of jewellery without including a few creations from my signature Literary Jewellery range!  The Asymmetry range will include bracelets celebrating many favourite characters, such as Mr Darcy.  I have started to list some of these new bracelets in my stores, but you'll have to wait until the new year before the whole range becomes available.

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  1. These are gorgeous, I love the asymmetry and the color combos are great!


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