Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Finger Knitting Projects For Kids

We have somehow reached the second week of school holidays relatively unscathed (thanks Mr Cheeky Monkeys for taking the week off work so that I could have a break!), but still have one more week to go.  If you're wracking your brains for new ideas to keep your kids productively entertained (like me), then this post is for you.

My Monkeys love to finger knit and finger crochet, but we are often left with the dilemma of what to do with their lengths of finger knitted goodness.  So here is a roundup of DIY ideas to use the metres and metres of finger knitting chains your kids create!

1. A finger knitting tutorial to get you started.
2. Turn your finger knitting into a warm scarf.
3. Create a word-inspired cushion.
4. Finger knitting is perfect for turning into headbands.
5. Create a rug by combining weaving and finger knitting.
6. Delight a little one by turning their finger knitting into a darling octopus soft toy!

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