Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

Last month I mentioned that I love seeing which characters customers choose for their crochet/knitting stitch marker sets, especially if they don't choose the expected main characters of the story.  And this month I had the pleasure of creating a Romeo and Juliet set of stitch markers where the character names chosen were very much a surprise.

image stitch marker set progress keeper crochet knitting handmade domum vindemia romeo and juliet shakespeare earrings capulet tybalt verona mantua

The customer opted to omit the names of Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers, instead choosing the names of lesser (but still important) characters as well as the names "Verona" and "Mantua", the two cities in which the story is set.  What do you think of these choices?  Would you do the same, or would you have done what most do and choose "Romeo" and "Juliet"?

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