Thursday, 2 February 2017

9 Ways to Upcycle Paint Card Samples

So the summer school holidays are well and truly over here in Australia, but I wanted to share some fun tutorials I found for creating with paint card samples (or paint chip samples as you North Americans like to call them).  For those of you asking why one would need to upcycle paint cards, then you need to know that it is almost impossible to enter a hardware chain store (such as Bunnings Warehouse) without the Cheeky Monkeys grabbing a handful of pretty-coloured paint card samples.

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I got sick of their growing piles of paint cards, so I suggested that they put those cards to good use instead.  Here are nine of their favourite tutorials for upcycling those paint cards.

1. These orbs make for fun decorations on a desk.
2. Paint card mosaics make great artworks as well as greeting cards and scrapbooking embellishments.
3. The Cheeky Monkeys' favourite way of upcycling their paint cards - bookmarks!
4. Adorn baby's nursery with a cheap but pretty paint card mobile.
5. Make adorable little boxes out of paint cards.
6. Fun gift packaging makes any present even better!
7. If you're lucky enough to own a spiral binder, turn your paint card samples into notepads.
8. My personal favourite, multicoloured artwork made from paint card shapes.
9. You don't have to leave the paint cards as is, use them as a base for embellishing and collaging in these handmade notebooks.

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