Thursday, 23 February 2017

Lemon Dessert Roundup

We were recently the happy recipients of a MASSIVE bag of homegrown lemons from our next door neighbours (their dad's tree is VERY fruitful and produces enough crop to keep multiple families supplied for months on end).  So today I am sharing a roundup of my favourite lemon-flavoured desserts, because that's the best way to use lemons, right!  (Other than our favourite roast chicken recipe which I will share with you another day.)

image lemon dessert lemon drizzle yoghurt cake magic custard cake delicious meringue chocolate cake recipe

1. This lemon drizzle yoghurt cake is moist, easy to make and oh so lemony!
2. Combining two of my favourite desserts in one: lemon meringue chocolate cake!!!
3. Change up your go to magic custard cake recipe with the addition of lemons.
4. Perfect in winter served with a little cream or ice cream, lemon delicious is one of my go to winter desserts.

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