Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Valentine's Day Inspiration

While I freely admit that I don't generally celebrate Valentine's day and am not a fan of it's commercialisation, the romantic in me loves fun and thoughtful ways of showing loved ones that you care.  So I've put together a vintage-inspired Valentine's Day gift guide with items for everyone, from the love of your life to family members to your bestie.  Are you planning to celebrate this Valentine's Day?

valentine's day gift guide

1. Perfect for that friend or your sister who's too scared to commit to a real tattoo, floral temporary tattoos are a bit of fun and reflect the traditional bouquets given on Valentine's day.
2. Who wouldn't prefer an everlasting bouquet to one that fades and dies after a week? 
3. Spoil a little girl with a fun vintage Valentine skirt!
4. A literary way to declare yourself as that special someone's secret (or not so secret) admirer.
5. Show your hipster friend how much he means to you.
6. Perfect for newlyweds or someone who has moved cities, this vintage map heart artwork celebrates the city your recipient calls home.

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