Thursday, 15 December 2016

DIY Upcycled Christmas

Today I'm sharing a roundup of sweet Christmas ornament tutorials all upcycled from the various odds and ends that tend to collect in one's home (especially if you're a hoarder of craft supplies).  These ornaments are fun for decorating your tree or adding as toppers on your Christmas gifts.  Enjoy!

diy upcycled christmas ornament tutorial ornaments

1. A fun Christmas tree made from tiny thread spools.
2. Turn an incomplete Scrabble set into word ornaments!
3. Turn plastic bottle rings, old jewellery and fabric scraps into beautiful ornaments.
4. Why create more land fill when you can turn old lightbulbs into a variety of ornaments!
5. Add a family photo and pretty paper and your old lid is now a Christmas keepsake.
6. Stash bust your button collection and create darling Christmas tree ornaments.

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