Friday, 26 June 2015

Rescuing Battered Old Classics for Book Buntings

 image jonah bunting domum vindemia bible story christian children unisex big fish religious

As I promised earlier in the week, this has been a book-heavy week of blog posts!  The theme continues today with an exciting new lot of Little Golden Book and classic children's storybook buntings.  I was fortunate enough to resuce these children's literature classics last week and quickly turned them into my much loved book buntings.

image may gibbs bunting gumnut babies alphabet a to z domum vindemia children unisex boy girl pixies fairies australiana

Old May Gibbs' books are hard to find, so my May Gibbs buntings are always snapped up very quickly when they make an appearance in my stores.  Bible story buntings are also popular and, I think, a great way to celebrate your little one's favourite story from the Bible.

image lassie bunting domum vindemia children unisex dog shabby chic retro vintage 1960s

But this final bunting is one about which I am VERY excited.  Although the Lassie books and original television series were before my time, one can't help but immediately recognise such an animal icon.  And I hope that my customers will be as excited about Lassie buntings as I am.  So let me ask you, which classic literary icon would you like to see commemorated in a bunting?

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