Monday, 2 February 2015

The one where I leave a trail of paper scraps everywhere I go...

image ice cream cone iris folding happy birthday card
 Kids won't say no to ice cream!

If you are a diehard crafter/creator like me, you probably find yourself making some or all of the gifts you give to friends and loved ones during the year.  While I don't always make gifts for others, I do like to sit down at the start of each year and make as many birthday cards as I can.

image iris folding greeting card pineapple flower quilt block
The pineapple blossom quilt block pattern is eye-catching as an iris fold pattern.

This year I have gone for an iris folding theme for my handmade cards, with fun ones being made for children's birthdays and a few quilt block-styled ones for adults.  I'm even thinking I might make a love-themed iris folded card for my cousin's upcoming nuptials!  So tell me, do you love to give the gift of handmade (even just a card)?  And have you tried iris folding before?

image iris folding heart frame card picture photo corner fold fancy fold
This WIP will eventually become a mother's day card with the addition of a photo in the centre of the heart frame.

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