Friday, 30 January 2015

Woodland Hair Fun

image woodland scrunchie hair bunny ears dena designs michael miller hopscotch tanya whelan sugar hill

With the Two Cheeky Monkeys back at school this week there was much discussion in our household about hair accessories.  At the moment I am happily reliving my childhood in the form of hair scrunchies, an accessory I loved back in the 80s and which my Monkeys now love too.

image bunny ear hair scrunchies

Of course, the Two Cheeky Monkeys being who they are, they couldn't just have any old scrunchies, they asked if I would make them some bunny-inspired ones.  So, after they dug through my stash of designer fabrics (and chose Michael Miller, Tanya Whelan and Dena Designs fabrics), I made some "bunny ear" scrunchies inspired by this tutorial.  What do you think? I think these scrunchies are kind of cute, though the stiffer cottons held the upright "bunny ears" better than the softer cottons.

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