Friday, 13 February 2015

Do buntings have a front and back?

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As a creator of "atypical" handmade buntings, I sometimes get asked if my buntings have a right and wrong side, or a front and a back.  So for those of you who have been wondering the same thing, here is my not so short answer.

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For the doily buntings available at Domum Vindemia, I say "yes", there is a definite front and back to each bunting because all doilies and napkins are made with defined right and wrong sides to them.  Although this is not very noticeable in the vintage doilies I use, it would be noticeable enough to bother the more observant if a bunting is hung with the "wrong" side facing outwards.

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When it comes to my book page/literature buntings, I usually say hang them however you like, there is no right or wrong side!  Most of the battered old books I use for the book buntings have pages which feature sweet illustrations and text on both sides.  And while I tend to orient the pages based on the storyline of each book, what I end up creating is a double-sided bunting with an "A" and a "B" side.  Both sides are lovely, and it's up to each customer which side of the bunting they want facing outwards.  Or, do as one of my lovely customers did and hang a book bunting across a playroom so that little ones can appreciate both sides.

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So as you can see, not a particularly short answer.  But hopefully that helps all those of you who have been wondering about the best way to hang your Domum Vindemia buntings.  And please do continue to spread the word about my buntings - I love hearing from customers who have given or received my buntings as gifts!

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