Monday, 9 February 2015

Art I Love

If you have been reading my blog for some time you will know that whenever I travel, I like to look out for art galleries exhibiting and/or selling works by local artists.  So on our recent trip to Daylesford, I had a fun-filled afternoon wandering through various local art galleries while Mr Cheeky Monkeys entertained the two Cheeky Monkeys.

At the Red Pepper Gallery, I was captivated by the works of artist and gallery owner Michael Parker.  In particular, his "resin series" of artworks caught my eye and had me wanting to touch them to see if they felt as smooth and beautifully shiny as they looked!  His resin series of art consists of canvases covered in marbling, fractal and nature-inspired swirls of coloured resin resulting in what looks a lot like a glass artwork.  I was pretty keen to bring one of these edgy abstract pieces of art home, but at two metres in length and a cost of almost $5000, Mr Cheeky Monkeys (quite understandably) vetoed my desire to bring some local artwork home with us!

Those of you who don't have impending overseas trips (or other financial committments) constraining your budgets can find Michael Parker's intriguing creations at his Red Pepper gallery in Daylesford as well as the Seaview Gallery in Queenscliff.

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  1. that art is fantastic, I can see why you wanted to bring home and keep! Lucky you really do want that trip overseas (and if you're good maybe you can bring home art from that one.... if the craft and fabric supplies don't take up tooooo much space)


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