Friday, 12 April 2013

More Crochet!

As I mentioned last week, with the continued enforced rest I've been under, I have been busily crocheting scarves for the two cheeky monkeys to wear this winter.  Monkey #1's scarf was a little difficult to get going because the yarn she chose was very fluffy and chunky.  My very loving mum had to help me buy some larger crochet hooks to use on the yarn, and long-suffering Mr Cheeky Monkeys went and bought me another ball of yarn when it was clear that one ball wasn't enough for a scarf.  But after all the fiddling around with design, pattern and gauge, I ended up adapting this Fiber Flux pattern into a scarflette for my oldest monkey.  She is thrilled with her new scarflette (purple is her favourite colour) and has been experimenting with crazy ways she can wear it (as a shawl, a belt, mini skirt, etc).

image crocheted bracelet round rounds crochet fibre felt

I have also been making fun crocheted bracelets with my cheeky monkeys.  These are just simple crocheted rounds which the monkeys glued onto strips of felt with fabric glue.  I sewed on some large press studs as the bracelet closures but velcro squares would have worked just as well.  This was such a simple project I think we finished it in an hour!

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