Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Decorated Jars - A Cute Storage Solution

image jar upcycled painted lid teacup ornament storage

One look around my home and most people will know that I struggle with neatness and finding a place to store my variety of crafting supplies and tools (and pretty much everything else too).  I am frequently on the lookout for cute and/or efficient storage ideas and saw one that caught my attention while surfing the web last week.

image jar upcycled painted lid teacup ornament storage tea pot teapot

And yes, I am talking about turning old jars into fun storage jars!  This is a great project for those of you who have kept, rather than recycling, all those pasta sauce or jam jars.  All I did to make these cute storage jars was to spray paint the lids of the jars then glue on small embellishments in the centre of the lids.

image jar upcycled painted lid teapot tea pot ornament storage

If you're not a jar hoarder, you can easily find some at your local op shop (thrift store to my US readers), or you could buy them cheaply at a $2 shop type of place, like I did.  I got my spray paint at the hardware store and the little teacup and tea pot at the same $2 shop where I found my jars.  Don't like teacups?  Then you could easily attach a plastic animal, flower or anything you like on the lid.  You could even attach your embellishment before painting and then paint the whole thing to get a more uniform look.  The only problem I can see with these jars is that they're not stackable , which means that you either waste potential vertical storage space or you can only use them in areas where your shelves are close to each other.

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