Friday, 11 January 2013

Where in the world?

image map of the world countries i've sold to

Over the past Christmas and new year period I was pleased to find that my stores were reaching new customers from countries to which I have never sent my handmade creations (or visited for that matter).  This got me thinking about the various countries I've sent my items to in my three years of selling my handmade creations, and of course, I just had to map it out after that!
As expected, I have had a lot of Australian customers - thank you for shopping local my lovely Aussie fans!  I have also, not unexpectedly, had a lot of US customers due to the fact that Etsy is a US-based site.  But I have also had customers from Asia, Africa and Europe, including customers from locales I have been longing to visit (for example, Paris).
It is lovely to think about Domum Vindemia and Two Cheeky Monkeys creations dotted around the world and know that my creations have gone to beautiful places I may never get to visit myself!  Have you ever had a blog reader or handmade customer from a fascinating country or city?

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  1. yes a couple of years ago I had my first UK customer from a very distinctive named township of Piddletrenthide
    last year, a customer from a place I had already heard of and loved 'Normal' (PS that is in America!)

    I hope you will have lots of joy growing your map, I use to make mine, you can pinpoint each specific location on it!


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