Wednesday, 23 January 2013

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image monogram fabric french knots yellow grey white retro fourteen countess
Although I do not tackle embroidery patterns very often, and can be known to moan and whinge throughout an embroidery project, I am a keen admirer of other people's embroidery work.  I stumbled across this amazing creation by Fourteen Countess the other day and wow, I am astonished at the number of French knots used!  And I'm not just astounded by the fact that every stitch used is a French knot, but also by the fact that the monogram stitching has been done in a colourway which beautifully mimcs the background fabric.  I can't even begin to imagine how much effort this piece would have taken to create, but maybe, just maybe, one day I might get the courage to try something similar...

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  1. Hi Deb! Thank you so much for your lovely words about my little french knot piece! You should *totally* try to make one yourself! I actually find the repetition very meditative. And following the colors in the fabric made it a really easy project that didn't require a lot of advance planning, unlike something like cross-stitch (which I also love, of course!). I look forward to coming back and visiting your sweet blog often. Cheers!


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