Monday, 14 January 2013

Organising a Craft Mess

image ikea cube shelves shelving craft storage solution

Thankfully, most of you have never seen my messy (or well-used as I think of it) craft desk and storage areas.  It really isn't a pretty sight and the messiness probably hampers my creativity and slows me down.  I have been slowly trying to rectify this problem, but with unsuitable storage space, my darling husband finally put his foot down and bought me a large cubbyhole-type bookcase from Ikea.

image vintage wardrobe brown doors

I won't go into the amount of effort (and complaining on my part) it took us to get my vintage storage wardrobe emptied of craft supplies and out of our house, but it was worth it to get all that free space for my new shelving!  I haven't perfectly organised all my fabric, bead supplies and vintage crockery into my new shelves as yet, but the temporary arrangement shown above is already working much better than my previous system (or lack thereof).  Plus the two cheeky monkeys and I had a load of fun printing out labels for my craft boxes with our Brother P-touch labeller.
On a side note, if anyone is in the Melbourne area and would love to have this old wardrobe to upcycle, please contact me and it could be yours free of charge!

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