Thursday, 31 January 2013

What's New - Necklaces and Cake Buntings

I've survived the school holidays and the two cheeky monkeys are back into the school routine (with youngest monkey starting primary school this year)!  I am hoping all of this means that you will see a lot more of me here on the blog, I've had lots of blog post ideas over the holidays but just haven't had the time to work on them.  But although I haven't been able to blog much, I have managed to find some time here and there to work on new creations for my stores.  So what's new?  Let me show you!!!
image doily cake buntings mini wedding bridal birthday white pink yellow
The first new range I've developed is my range of mini doily cake buntings.  I know cake buntings have been around for a while, but I thought I would put a twist on the design by using mini doilies as the bunting "flags".  A natural progression to make from my regular doily buntings, don't you think?
image precious metal bar necklaces aurum niobium titanium vanadium blue silver gold purple
My second new range for the summer is the Precious Metals necklace range.  I have had these gorgeously sparkly beads sitting around for several months and was loath to part with them, but I think these beads take my bar necklace range to another level!
image filigree and cab necklaces brass copper silver orange blue turquoise yellow vintage
Lastly, I also worked on a filigree and cabochon necklace range.  I've made a few of these for my stores in the past, and I decided they were popular enough to create a larger range of necklaces.  So what do you think?  Do you love everything you see or do you have colour suggestions for me?  All three of my new ranges are available in both my Etsy and Madeit stores - just follow the links on the sidebar!

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  1. Love the filigree and cabochon necklaces - they're really pretty!!


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