Friday, 1 June 2012

Lace Headband Tutorial

image lace ribbon headband pastel blue

I have been wanting to post more craft tutorials on my blog and decided to add a few simple tutorials which would be easy enough to try with either children or those who don't think they're very "crafty" or "creative".  This tutorial is really, really simple and can be used to turn lace ribbon, sewing trim or your favourite fabric ribbon into a headband in about twenty minutes.  And there is even a "no sew" option for those of you who are afraid of needles!

Lace ribbon (you could also use sewing trim or ribbon)
Elastic hair band
Thread to match the lace
Sewing needle or sewing machine
Fabric glue (for those who are fond of the "no sew" options)

image lace ribbon floral thread hair elastic

1. Cut a length of lace to fit around your head; this will allow you enough lace to fold and neaten the edges over the hair elastic.

image sewing lace ribbon on to a hair elastic using a sewing machine

2. Fold one end of your lace to hide the raw edge and then carefully loop the neatened end over your hair elastic and sew down to secure.  You can use your sewing machine or hand sew the end in place, which ever works best for you.  If you are really averse to sewing, you can glue the end down with fabric glue.

image attaching lace ribbon to a hair elastic to make a headband

3. Next, fold over the other end of the lace ribbon in the same way and pin it in place around the hair elastic.  VERY CAREFULLY put the headband on (don't pin yourself!) to determine if the length is correct.  You will probably find that the headband is a little loose due to the elasticity of the hair band.  Now CAREFULLY remove the headband and adjust the length as required.  Test for fit, then sew the loose end in place.

image lace ribbon headband pastel blue hair elastic accessories

4. And there you have it, one lace headband which will pretty up those "bad hair" days as well as adding a touch of femininity to your overall look for the day.

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