Friday, 15 June 2012

Street Art Two Cheeky Monkeys Style

Just a quick post today as it's been a bit of a nightmare week chez Two Cheeky Monkeys, with all sorts of comings and goings and minor dramas to manage.  Even though it has been a tough week for me, I have had a little smile every time I saw my monkeys' "street art" in our backyard (until the rain washed it away last night).  I grew up a little enthralled, but wary, of chalk because my parents hated the mess we made with it and only allowed its use outside (and not very often even then seeing as I spent my first seven years living in an apartment complex so there wasn't an "outside" on which we could draw).
But since having my own children, I have found that chalk is a great way of entertaining them and getting them outside into the sunshine, especially once they're past the stage where the desire to eat the chalk is stronger than the desire to use it!  My cheeky monkeys love drawing, and being allowed to draw on a non-standard "canvas" is super exciting to them.  In fact, I often have to stop them from getting too carried away and "decorating" the outside walls as well!  So tell me, do the little people you know love to draw with chalk?  Do they come up with the most fantastical and amusing drawings?

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