Friday, 29 June 2012

Friday Fun and the Start of School Holidays

image upcycled book paper flower folded button

Yes, it is almost that time of year holidays!  While many parents might dread the two weeks of entertaining bored and increasingly irritable small people, I quite enjoy the luxury of being able to sleep in and not having to worry about clean uniforms or lunch boxes.  School holidays are also the time when I let my cheeky monkeys try out all the craft projects or other activities which they have been eyeing eagerly during the term time.
Of course we won't have as much time to craft this holidays as the monkeys will be attending our church's annual winter holidays program during the first week of the holidays.  But, we have already made a start at some interesting crafty tutorials since monkey #2 officially started her holidays yesterday afternoon.

image folded paper flower button accordion upcycled book vintage
Monkey #2's attempt at a folded flower.

I have been wanting to make folded paper flowers for some time, but I only finally did it after reading this post over on the Striving to be More blog.  These flowers were really, really easy to make and monkey #2 even managed to make one by herself; the only help I gave her was to work the glue gun and remind her to pay attention so the folds didn't go (too) wonky.  In fact, I didn't even bother to score the paper prior to folding, although that step might be necessary if you are using thick scrapbooking paper.  So now that I have started making folded paper flowers, I think I will be making a stack more using various papers.  I'm not sure what I'll do with them yet, most likely they will end up as embellishments on hand made cards or as gift toppers.  Happy school holidays!


  1. nice! I actually just borrowed a book on origami for the holidays, so we'll see how that goes ;D

  2. Great little project to do with the kids! I love the school holidays too - a chance to spend some time with my girls. I'm sure when they're older they'll have much cooler stuff to do than hang out with mum - so I'm making the most of it now! :) Enjoy your holidays!


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