Wednesday, 6 June 2012

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image shirred short sleeve top blouse Tanya Whelan pattern Paisley Garden fabric Secret Garden by Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller
Cheeky monkey #2 being a monster while posing - don't you love her over-use of "layering" in her outfits? LOL.

I know I mentioned it way back in March, but I finally found the time to blog about the shirred tops I made for the two cheeky monkeys (and, cough cough, it might have taken me almost two months to cut out the pattern pieces and finish sewing them together).  This is the first time I've tried making anything other than simple gathered skirts for the girls and I was a little nervous.  Firstly, this was quality cotton fabric I was using for their tops and I didn't want to waste it!  And secondly, I've never sewn a top for anyone (unless you count the pyjama top I made way back in high school art class with the teacher's supervision), much less sewn a top requiring shirring!

image shirred short sleeve top blouse Tanya Whelan pattern Cynthia in Blue fabric Dena Designs for Free Spirit
Cheeky monkey #1 only agreed to pose for me if I promised not to put the photo on Facebook, LOL.  And then she proceeded to show me how she sits and smiles at school, oh dear!

I think I did an okay job of the tops, although I did have a few issues with the pattern I used (specifically, the pattern pieces not fitting on the fabric the way the pattern instructed and a few odd seams in the pattern).  Anyway, I just kind of fudged my way around the pattern issues and the girls are pretty pleased with their new tops.  In fact, monkey #2 was so pleased with hers that she insisted on wearing it to kindergarten!  What have you been making this week?  Have you tried anything new?


  1. Great job Deb, they look fab, sounds like they've been given a big 'thumbs' up' form the girls....

    Frustrating that the patten instructions were a little pear shaped but you got their in the end.
    New skills learned, there'll be no stopping you now...

    Claire :}

  2. They look great! I'm yet to venture into making clothes for my girls! Well done.

  3. They look lovely. I have made a number of things for my girls but I am hopeless at following patterns. I love the fabrics you chose and the cute pictures of your girls as well.

  4. What gorgeous little monkeys you have hanging around your place!


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