Wednesday, 30 May 2012

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image jane austen pride and prejudice buttons and cufflinks upcycled Mr Darcy Elizabeth Bennet Jane Bingley

This week I've been working on more Pride and Prejudice creations with some new products soon to make their way into my stores!  I've made a few more pairs of Mr Darcy cufflinks and have also had a lot of fun making these sets of P&P shank buttons.  The vintage book text has been inset into a metal button setting and then topped with a glass dome cabochon.  I've decided to sell the buttons as sets of five comprising the names of either Mr Darcy and Elizabeth or Jane/Mr Bingley AND Elizabeth/Mr Darcy.
My only dilemma at the moment is where to sell these buttons.  Should I sell them through my Two Cheeky Monkeys store (where I've been selling upcycled P&P jewellery and accessories), or should I sell them through Domum Vindemia, my upcycled homewares and decor store?


  1. Hmm, better keep them in with your other P and P creations I think.

  2. These look great, very effective.....sell them through the site which gets the most traffic, or why not both? ....

    CLaire :}

  3. That is such a lovely idea! So wonderfully creative.
    Ronnie xo

  4. I have to agree, these are lovely! At my book club last night we just got two new books with a P & P flavour, one is from the perspective of Mary Bennett and the other is a PD James mystery followup. P & P will never go out of style:) Cyndy


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