Friday, 25 May 2012

More birthday shenanigans

image purple ombre cake vanilla buttercake

So I promised you a look at the inside of my attempted ombre birthday cake in Wednesday's birthday post, and here it is!  As I mentioned, it's not going to win any prizes (except for maybe "craziest thing Deb's done at the last minute"), but everybody loved eating it.  The cake is a simple vanilla butter cake which I attempted to colour purple with run-of-the-mill food dye.  I think that next time I try something like this, I will make a whiter cake (any suggestions anyone?) and use the specialist cake maker food dyes.  The dark chocolate ganache worked well at sticking the cake layers together, but I think I might have to play with the chocolate to cream ratio next time to get a slightly thicker consistency.

image ombre birthday cake purple chocolate ganache

As my rather hectic week of birthday celebrations draws to a close, let me remind everyone that my Sew Mama Sew vintage button and fabric giveaway is ending tomorrow and will be drawn some time this weekend.  If you haven't already entered, you can do so here.

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