Monday, 28 May 2012

Home Grown Mushrooms!

I know I wasn't intending on posting any more "birthday" posts, but this was so exciting that I just have to share it with you all!  After lots of umming and ahhing on my part (there are just so many things a girl could ask for), I finally decided that I would love it if Mr Cheeky Monkeys bought me a mushroom farm for my birthday.  He finally had a chance to visit our local Bunnings Warehouse yesterday and ended up getting me not one, but two, grow your own mushroom farms!  One kit has been seeded with Swiss brown mushroom spores while the other kit grows regular white button mushrooms.  I've had a lot of fun growing mushrooms in the past (although I haven't been spectacularly successful) and the cheeky monkeys and I are looking forward to harvesting our own mushrooms in about a month's time.  So let me ask you, have you grown mushrooms before?  And if you could, which species of mushrooms would you grow?

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  1. oh this should be fun!! cant wait to see more!


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