Friday, 20 January 2012

Friday Finds - Home Storage Solutions

To celebrate being married to my amazing husband (yes, today is our wedding anniversary!) I thought I would share some clever home storage solutions which I'm sure my storage-crazy husband would love.   :)

Bike Shelf by Knife & Saw

Stairway Storage by Unicraft Joinery

CD Wall Rack by Anthologie Quartett
Hanging Rail Laundry Storage by Atypical Type A


  1. Your hubs and I have something in common!!
    Tasha xo

  2. Hey Deb, I love the under-stairs storage! We can't do this unfortanately, because our stairs are the ladder type with gaps through each foothold, but I still love the concept.

    One thing that we did manage to do was to convert our attic into a decent room (too low for a bedroom). It took us almost 6 months but now it's all panelled with wood and we've agreed that half is his and half is mine... so far so good, with his fishing stuff there and my old horse riding kit that I can't bring myself to sell in case I ever take up riding again.

    When we were working on it, we hired some self-storage for all the stuff and it turned out really well. We were worried about self storage prices at first but I think they've come down a lot in recent years and it's pretty common for inner city folk to have a small unit now.

    Anyway, happy belated anniversary. I hope it goes better and better each year for you!


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