Friday, 27 August 2010

Friday Fun - Cake Platter Tutorials

image cake platter stand upcycled

I was recently reminded about how much I love creating new crockery by upcycling orphan pieces of crockery, so I thought I would share with you some fantastic tutorials about creating your very own upcycled cake stand.  the above, badly photographed, cake stand is one of my creations - I have made about four or five of these now and love to use them for serving mini cupcakes and muffins or other finger foods.  Of course, if you upcycle a very big plate, as I did for my sister-in-law's Christmas present last year, you will get a cake stand which is large enough for displaying and serving a whole cake!
The only thing I would stress is to make sure that the plate and the glass you use for the pedestal really balance well together or you could end up with an accident waiting to happen.  And don't forget to clean your pieces well before you start any gluing!  I always use acetone to remove any gummy residue or marker pen and then wash in warm, soapy water.  Let me know if you try out any of these tutorials, I would love to see your upcycled cake stands.   :)

image cakestands upcycled plates
Repurposed cake stands by Crafty Nest

image recycled cake stands
Recycled cake stands by design*sponge

image diy cake stands upcycled
DIY cake stands by Tangarang


  1. Wonderful! A beautiful way to upcycle.


  2. I didn't use a tutorial but here is one I made out of a thirfted plate and candle stick...

    I love this project!


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