Tuesday, 12 September 2017

It's always story time

If your little ones are anything like the Two Cheeky Monkeys, they probably love story time before they have to head to bed, especially if you "do the voices" for each character!  And even though it's kind of frustrating when we find them still awake and reading books under the bedcovers with their torches, I still love the idea of decorating their rooms with book-themed decorations.

outer space planets bunting domum vindemia handmade astronaut solar system banner garland etsy children

And because I know that many of my customers love to do the same, I've been busy adding new storybook buntings to Domum Vindemia.  I've been wanting to add some space and astronaut-themed buntings to the store for a while now, and I finally found an old Golden Book about the planets (back in the days when we still counted Pluto).  I think this bunting is PERFECT for all the budding space explorers out there and can't wait to create more!

the jungle book bunting banner garland domum vindemia etsy mowgli shere khan nursery bedroom children

I have also been busy re-stocking the popular Jungle Book buntings, with this offering now available in-store.  I'm hoping to add more of these buntings with a different choice of bunting ribbon, so keep an eye out for new additions as they fly out the door very quickly.  So before I got, let me ask you, which of these two buntings is your favourite?

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