Friday, 8 April 2016

Baking, Baking, Baking Roundup

As the Easter school holidays come to a close, I thought I'd share some of the baking we've been doing here at Two Cheeky Monkeys HQ.  We do love to bake, though as I am conscious of the need for me to eat more healthily, I often try to make our recipes a little healthier.  I hope you enjoy our eclectic collection of cooking attempts!

image basil spinach feta pull-apart bread

This basil pull-apart bread recipe is a winner if you're a fan of Mediterranean flavours! And we made it even more delicious and healthier (at least we think so) by using a wholewheat and spelt pastry dough instead of the white bread dough given in the recipe.

image funfetti cookie recipe biscuit cake mix

Okay, so there's no way I could attempt to make this Funfetti cake mix cookie recipe any healthier, but hey, it was so ridiculously simple my Cheeky Monkeys could have done it on their own (but they insisted I join in the fun).  And you have to have some treats in life every now and then...just not every day.

baked samosas vegetarian

Samosas...drool, need I say more???  The recipe for these darlings came from Annie Nichols' book Potatoes.  I love that it's a vegetarian recipe, so great for getting vegetables into veggie-haters.  We tried baking the samosas instead of the traditional method of deep frying and, while they're not really as pretty or dripping with deep fried oily goodness, these samosas still tasted great and are better for your waistline.

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