Monday, 4 April 2016

7 DIY Creative Bonbonniere Ideas

Traditionally, small sweets such as sugared almonds and chocolate hearts have been given to wedding guests as little thank you gifts (aka bonbonnieres, bombonieres and wedding favours).  And while I do love my sweet treats, my favourite bonbonnieres were always the creative and slightly different ones; something which was useful or heartfelt and reflected the married couple and their tastes and quirks.  And since I have a lot of customers and readers who are busily prepping for their weddings, I'm sharing a roundup of fun and creative DIY bonbonniere ideas you might want to use.  For those who aren't the DIY types, Domum Vindemia has plenty of fun and unique bonbonniere ideas ready made for you. :)

image mason jar macrame plant hanger holder flower diy tutorial

Add a little boho chic to your wedding decor with macrame-adorned Mason jar floral hangers.  And at the end of the day, invite your guests to take one home with thme as a reminder of your special day.

image diy cork keyring tutorial

Are you or your beloved wine buffs?  Save up/collect old wine or champagne corks and turn them into handy dandy keyrings for your guests.  Simply add a label of thanks to the keyring and you have one quick, affordable and useful wedding favour!

image succulents in a decorative jar diy tutorial

This is another fun idea for turning wedding decor in to favours for your guests.  Create centrepieces with gorgeous succulents in decorated jars and leave a note for your guests to take one home with them when they leave.

image wedding place card holder geek science diy tutorial

Book and science geeks rejoice!  Place card holders made from tiny jars filled with "polyjuice potion", "unobtainium", etc is genius!!!  This idea is a fun way to give guests a quirky, edible treat to bring home with them.

image bonbonniere idea for little ones craft packet bead elastic jewellery jewelry wedding favour tutorial diy

Although this idea was originally intended as Valentine's Day gifts for kids, it could easily be adapted into favours for little guests at your wedding.  Even better, the contents can keep smaller guests entertained through the "boring" parts of your big day (e.g. speeches).

image jam wedding favour idea

Are you or your beloved renowned for your mad jam- or sauce-making skills?  Why not make up a jar of your most famous jam or sauce for each of your guests to take home with them!

image mini terrarium in a lightbulb tutorial diy wedding favour idea

Mini terrariums make great gifts for both big and small guests because they are fun, completely personalisable and very, very hard to kill if you use the right plants (such as tillandsia, aka air plants).

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