Monday, 21 September 2015

Cake Maker Extraordinaire? Maybe Not...

To mark the "official" first day of school holidays, I'm showing off the baking I did for the cheeky monkeys' birthdays this year.  While I love to cook and bake, cake decorating is not really my thing since I lack the patience to complete a complicated masterpiece full of fondant sculptures and piped whimsies.

However, this year both monkeys chose fairly simple (i.e. even I couldn't get it too wrong) cake designs, as well as the standard iced cupcake (topped with popping candy!) for sharing with their classmates and teachers.  I have to admit that the No. 8 cake had me jumping for joy at its simplicity.  And the Kit Kat and Smarties cake had me drooling over the large amount of chocolate required to decorate it!  So what do you think???

image kit kat smarties chocolate cake number 8 cake marshmallow flowers

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