Monday, 1 December 2014

Richard Scarry and Jane Austen - Literary Book Buntings for a Range of Readers

Today I am excited to show off my two newest book buntings for Domum Vindemia!  One of them has been a long time in coming, and should excite all the fans who have been asking for more and more Jane Austen creations.  Yes, you guessed it, I have finally gotten round to designing and making a Pride and Prejudice book bunting for all the Mr Darcy devotees out there!

image pride and prejudice bunting jane austen black and white mr darcy elizabeth bennet jane bingley

Obviously, each bunting will feature different pages of Austen's most beloved novel, but every bunting will feature your favourite characters such as Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, as well as other Bennet and Bingley family members or relations.

image bunting richard scarry busiest fire fighters ever pigs animals

The other new bunting to grace Domum Vindemia's online shelves features one of my favourite childhood authors, Richard Scarry.  This bunting is taken from The Busiest Fire Fighters Ever and is full of darling illustrations of the firefighting pig crew dealing with fires and other disasters around Busytown.  So let me ask you: which bunting do you prefer?

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