Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Water for life - Giving back to those in need

With the new financial year starting today, I realised that I have been very lax in thanking all of my customers for your wonderful support during the previous financial year.  As is my usual habit, I also want to remind you that your support of my stores also means support will be given to help those in desperate need.

This year I have decided to lend my support the Water Project Fund being run by Barnabas Fund, an international Christian aid and advocacy organisation working in many developing nations around the world.  The Water Project Fund provides clean drinking water for impoverished people in Asia and the Middle East either by digging wells for villages in need or by establishing water connections direct to people's homes.  Having easy access to clean water is something I take for granted, but for those helped by Barnabas Fund it is a dream they cannot achieve without help from others.  So thank you again for not only supporting me, but for providing much needed clean water to families in need.

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