Thursday, 17 July 2014

A funny story...

Have you ever unintentionally bought an item which turned out to be one of your best buys ever?  I was scrubbing my rice cooker bowl the other day when I looked at the brush in my hand and remembered that it was just one of those purchases.  You see, we came home from a shopping trip one day and Mr Cheeky Monkeys casually asked, "Hey, what are you planning to use this little brush for?"  To which I responded, "Me?  I thought you wanted that brush!"  We looked at each other perplexed and wondered how it had gotten into our shopping trolley.  At that point, our then three year old piped up, "I put it in when daddy was looking at the other cleaning brushes.  It's cute, I like it."  We all laughed and wondered if we'd ever use that small scrubbing brush, but it quickly became a very useful item in our kitchen sink and is still in use today!  So please do share, what have you bought accidentally which turned out to be an amazing purchase?

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