Friday, 25 July 2014

Say what - a tidy craft desk?

Behold my "tidy" craft desk!!!  Some of you may look upon this spectacle and think, "That's not tidy!", but ashamedly, this is the tidiest my craft desk has been in cough quite a while.  No, no, there's nothing wrong with me, I didn't go on a hormone-induced cleaning frenzy or anything drastic like that (though Mr Cheeky Monkeys might wish I would, he he he).

Admittedly, I have been wanting to have a much tidier desk for some time and have been slowly chipping away at the chaos of WIPs and the two Cheeky Monkeys' crafting disasters.  But it took an imminent photo shoot of my work space and creative process to galvanize me into action!  I won't say much about the photo shoot right now, but I am a little excited and can't wait to share with you all.

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