Friday, 6 June 2014

The Shoes On My Feet

Did you own a pair of Converse sneakers when you were growing up or were you, like me, sadly frustrated by parental claims that they were "not worth the money"?  While my parents happily bought me Nikes and Reeboks for sport, I could never convince them to buy me a pair (or two) of Converse shoes (or Connies as I called them) for casual wear.

However, now that I'm all grown up I've discovered that Converse and other sports shoe stores have factory outlets where they sell off excess Connies made in less popular designs or sizes.  Now when you're a woman with size 6-6.5 feet, "less popular size" is music to your ears (and all you size 9, 10 and upwards girls will like this too)!  This is my second ever pair of Converse shoes; I tend to favour vintage-looking designs and neutral colours that will match most of my casual outfits.  Do you wear Converse?

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