Monday, 9 June 2014

Colour Inspiration: Yellow and Blue

Looking through my onlines stores, you can probably guess that yellow isn't my favourite colour, due to it's rather limited presence in my creations.  Not that I don't like yellow, I love yellow flowers and foods, but it's not a colour I look good in so I don't work with it.  I know that this is a little short-sighted since many others out there love yellow and look great in it, so I have made the effort to work more with this colour.  And one thing I've discovered when working with yellow supplies is how beautifully yellow and blue complement each other.  I put together this mood board to inspire me to try working with colours I wouldn't normally use.

image yellow blue mood board cake shoes dress fabric flowers yellow cream starlight blue pantone

1. Pantone 12-0738 yellow cream
2. Pantone 12-4609 starlight blue
3. Belle by Amy Butler in coriander blue
4. Cake via A Stylish Design
5. Manolo Blahnik sandals
6. Bridesmaid's dress by Wtoo
7. Bouquet by Debbie Co Flowers
8. Table setting via Trendy Bride
9. Vintage Aynsley teacup via Shop on Sherman

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