Friday, 7 February 2014

Which One's My Cup?

I don't know if your family is as chaotic as the Two Cheeky Monkeys family, but one area of chaos which often causes angst is the confusion over whose cup or mug is whose.  Like most people, many of our drinking glasses and mugs came in matching or identical sets (even some of our plastic kiddie cups did too).  So if more than one person decided to grab say, the Ashdene seashell mugs, this can lead to heated discussions about which mug belongs to whom.

image crochet doilies coasters drinks crocheted moda vera beetle yarn pink turquoise

Mr Cheeky Monkeys really liked the idea of named coasters on the kitchen windowsill for each family member to place their drinking glasses, but I didn't want my windowsill clogged up with cups (or people reaching for their cups), I prefer the Little Cheeky Monkeys to leave their cups on the dining table to remind them to drink regularly (and for easy access) and, to be honest, the whole named/personalised coaster thing seemed a bit dorky to me.  Of course, I finally found a solution to the problem by crafting!

image crochet doilies coasters drinks crocheted moda vera beetle yarn navy blue purple mauve

A quick trip to Spotlight yielded some lovely cotton/acrylic yarn (Moda Vera Beetle) which I turned into fun, crocheted drinks coasters.  Each member of the Two Cheeky Monkeys family was assigned a different colour and I used different patterns for each coaster.  My patterns came from various sources, including Simply Crochet and Mollie Makes magazines, but you should easily be able to find coaster or doily patterns on Ravelry or a crochet blog.  So what do you think, do you like my drinking glass solution?  Would you rather use crocheted coasters or the traditional cork-backed squares found in most homewares and department stores?

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