Monday, 17 February 2014

Things I Love - Scherenschnitte (AKA Papercutting)

I have long been fascinated by the art of scherenschnitte, or papercutting as it is better known.  It never ceases to amaze me that artists using a simple blade can achieve such intricate and beautiful results.  Having tried it myself (you can see one attempt here), I can attest to just how difficult it is to keep one's hand steady while slicing delicate designs in paper!  There are a host of amazing papercut artworks one can find on the web, and today I'm highlighting just a few I have found on Etsy.  Enjoy!

image papercut scherenschnitte sarah trumbauer flowers quote

image papercut scherenschnitte rural pearl butterflies sun

image scherenschnitte papercut heirloom paper cuts sea creature

image papercut scherenschnitte whispering paper bird birds

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