Friday, 18 October 2013

Art I Love - Naomi Ullman

naomi ullman big bold and beautiful snow dome snowdome

Today I am sharing the work of another Australian artist I discovered on my recent roadtrip, and that is the work of Naomi Ullman.  When I first saw her quirky snow dome creations, I wasn't sure what to make of them.  But then I looked a little closer and realised that the little building within each snow dome was constructed from old credit and store cards!

naomi ullman big bold and beautiful snow dome snowdome

Reading through the exhibit explanation, I was fascinated to learn that these snow domes were created as a poignant, if not offbeat, commentary on the Australian "home owners' dream".  Not being the kind of person who makes social commentary via art, I was quite taken by this "think outside the box" method of doing so.  Who would have thought to combine the iconic snow dome with old credit cards to make a statement about social excess and ecological conservation!

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