Friday, 11 October 2013

Art I Love - Kendal Murray

kendal murray flights of fancy teapot glasshouse

When I was researching holiday activities for our recent Two Cheeky Monkeys roadtrip, I was delighted to find that Port Macquarie was home to a small, regional gallery/theatre/concert hall named the Glasshouse.  I eagerly enrolled the little Cheeky Monkeys in a free art and craft class, which they enjoyed enormously, and had a fun morning looking through the Glasshouse's small, but fascinating art exhibits.

kendal murray flights of fancy teapot tea cup tree forest

Some of the works which appealed to me the most were by Sydney artist, Kendal Murray.  It's no surprise that I was enchanted by her work really, because her "Flights of Fancy" exhibition contained artistic creations made from glass teapots and tea cups!  Each teapot housed a miniature landscape or social setting designed to capture a viewer's attention by its surreal representation of scenarios with which many would be familiar.  I would love to own one or more of her whimsical pieces, if only I could find a way to display them without the risk of them being broken by the Cheeky Monkeys!

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