Monday, 9 September 2013

Contrasts Bracelet DIY

image tutorial diy contrasts bracelet freshwater pearl purple

I have a tendency to wear pearls in a rather traditional way (you know, the traditional pearl necklace, pearl earstuds or simple statement pearl pendant), so I decided it was high time I mixed things up a little!  I made the Contrasts bracelet to highlight the beautiful freshwater pearl by using beads which contrast in shape, texture and colour (get the name now?) for the rest of the bracelet.  Here's how you can make one for yourself!

- one potato-shaped freshwater pearl, approx 8mmx10mm in size, or a similar-sized oval glass pearl or gemstone
- four faceted rondelle beads, 6x8mm in size
- 8mm round glass beads (the number you need will depend on your wrist size)
- nylon coated beading wire, 15-22cm, depending on wrist size
- two bead end crimps/calottes
- two bead crimps
- two 7mm jump rings
- one lobster claw clasp
- superglue

image tutorial diy contrasts bracelet freshwater pearl sort beads in design you like

1. Lay out your beads in the following order: the freshwater pearl goes in the middle flanked by two faceted rondelle beads, next place the round glass beads on either side of the rondelles, finally add one rondelle to each end of the bracelet.  Make sure that there is a nice contrast in texture and colour between all of your beads.  Substitute with different beads if you're not happy with the look you have achieved.

image tutorial diy contrasts bracelet freshwater pearl purple thread bead crimp and calotte onto tiger tail

2. Thread a calotte/end crimp onto the nylon-coated wire followed by a crimp bead.  Squash the crimp bead close to the end of the nylon wire.  Add a dab of glue in the cup of the calotte, lay the wire and squashed crimp in the glue and crimp shut the calotte.

image tutorial diy contrasts bracelet freshwater pearl purple thread beads onto nylon coated wire

3. Thread your beads onto your tiger tail, or nylon coated beading wire.  Finish off the other end by repeating step two.

image diy tutorial contrasts bracelet freshwater pearl attach clasp to the ends of the bracelet

4. Open up one of the jump rings and attache the lobster claw clasp to one end of the bracelet.  Attach the remaining jump ring to the other end of the bracelet.

image diy tutorial contrasts bracelet freshwater pearl rondelles gold arm party

5. And there you have it - your very own Contrasts bracelet to add to your arm party!  The best part about this bracelet is that you can make a tonne of variations simply by using different beads.  Don't like pearls?  Then subsitute the centre bead with a a similar-shaped glass, gemstone or metal bead.  The only rule to remember is that your flanking beads should contrast beautifully against the central bead.  Mix and match your faceted, smooth and oddly shaped beads to produce your personalised Contrasts bracelet.  :)

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  1. Gorgeous!
    I have a real thing for Pearls at the moment. I have asked for a pearl pendant for my 30th... My father told me its appropriate as the traditional 30th anniversary present is pearls!


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