Monday, 1 July 2013

Kangaroos in my garden

image wild kangarros grey kangaroo melbourne australia victoria suburbs

I may have mentioned this before, but as someone who was born (and lived for a while) in the bustling country of Singapore, I am very much the proverbial "city mouse".  I refuse all invitations to go on camping holidays (I must have my own toilet and bathroom which I don't have to dig myself!), I can't comprehend stores not being open on weekends or even after 5pm on week days, and I have been known to flummox grocery store staff in small towns by asking if they stock whatever "exotic" foodstuff I am seeking (pancetta and prosciutto apparently fall into the "exotic" category in some places).
So I have to admit that when I was first told about the wild kangaroos that had moved to my leafy (and admittedly rural-like) suburb of Melbourne, I was intrigued, disbelieving and a little shocked all at the same time.  After many reported sightings (including a few from Mr Cheeky Monkeys) I finally did see the kangaroos!  And I finally got some photos of them too!!!  The photo above was taken while I was helping my mum get the Cheeky Monkeys into her car (she's been bringing them to school for me while I recover from foot surgery).  I think the lovely, but cold, winter morning made for relatively good photography lighting.  And I hope nobody knows my surgeon, I'm not supposed to be walking around, let alone running back into a house to grab a camera to take photos!

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  1. yay! kangaroos! and I so agree about not camping. I like solid walls, a roof over my head, it best be non leaking, clean, critter free with nice bathroom and comfy bed, and food not out of a can.


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