Monday, 22 July 2013

DIY Necklace Refashion

image tutorial diy necklace remake refashion before and after

Have you ever had a picture of something you wanted in your mind but not been able to find anything like it anywhere?  I have been wanting a mini bunting style of necklace for some time now but was unable to find exactly what I wanted.  I spotted a potential necklace while browsing online stores the other week (a hazardous pasttime!), but it still wasn't quite right.  BUT, since the necklace was hugely discounted, I bought it anyway and decided to refashion it into the necklace I had in mind.  So today I am sharing a brief tutorial for refashioning any old or "not quite right" necklaces into the spectacular, fun or quirky piece that suits your current style!

image diy tutorial necklace refashion bunting

- one necklace (or more if you like various parts of multiple necklaces)
- jewellery pliers
- extra beads, chain and findings to match your necklace (although you should be able to re-use at least some of these from your old necklace)
- tiger tail or beading thread (again, you may be able to re-use the stringing material from your necklace)
- gel superglue

image diy tutorial bunting necklace refashion

1. Okay, the obvious part.  Carefully pull apart the old necklace(s) and set aside the components you plan to re-use for the new necklace.

image diy tutorial bunting necklace refashion

2. Lay out your new design using a mix of the old and new beads and findings.  Rearrange until you are happy with the design.  I kept five of the nine triangles for my new bunting necklace and replaced the gold-plated tube beads with small, gold-plated metal beads.  String your beads and findings onto your stringing material of choice (I re-used the gold-coloured tiger tail wire from the original necklace).  Please note, although I say "your choice", I highly recommend using specialty beading wire or beading thread rather than cheaper (and less reliable) stringing materials such as nylon fishing line!

image tutorial diy bunting necklace refashion attach calotte and crimps

3. Pick up one end of the necklace and thread on a calotte/end crimp followed by a round bead crimp.  Pull both of these as close to your beads as possible and securely squash the bead crimp onto the tiger tail wire.  Cut off excess tiger tail, leaving approximately 1-2mm overhang, add a dab of superglue to the inside of the calotte, and crimp shut the calotte making sure the bead crimp and tiger tail end are completely and securely enclosed.  Repeat for the other end of your necklace.

image diy tutorial bunting necklace refashion

4. Open up a jump ring and attach a length of chain to one calotte.  Repeat on the other calotte.  Measure your necklace to make sure it is the correct length.  If it is too short, add some more chain to both ends of the necklace.  If it is too long, remove some chain from both ends of the necklace.

image tutorial diy bunting necklace refashion

5. Attach the salvaged necklace clasp to the ends of your necklace and you're done.  Now wear your new necklace with pride!

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