Monday, 29 July 2013

Immersed in the Classics

image mr darcy locket necklace brass oval pride and prejudice jane austen glass pearl ivory cream red green vintage bead

Things were pretty crazy last week at the house of Two Cheeky Monkeys care of both monkeys getting sick follwed by Mr Cheeky Monkeys and I both falling ill (yes, we like to do things in numbers).  This has meant that there hasn't been much time to work on creations, but I did manage to work on several new literature jewellery pieces.

image mr darcy locekt necklace silver bridal necklace jane austen pride and prejudice glass pearls pink navy blue orange flower

I made what felt like a flood of Mr Darcy necklaces, as well as a few brooches and I have also started on some literature earrings.  I feel like I have practically re-read all the English classics I use because I can't resist reading through each passage I'm about to cut up!

image two cheeky monkeys mr darcy brooch bridal wedding bouquet pin yellow pink lemon rosaline czech glass bead silver

But it hasn't just been about the classics this past week.  I did manage to put together a few women's ring sets - a new venture I embarked upon due to the popularity of the children's ring sets I make.  Of course the adults' ring sets are more "sophisticated" and elegant than the ones for the littlies (who prefer cutesy and sweet) and I'm playing around with more colour combinations than I would for small children.

image women's ring sets two cheeky monkeys filigree brass silver adjustable flowers floral red turquoise blue purple lilac peach pink white vintage proljece turquesa vermell napolitana hortensia

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