Friday, 15 March 2013

Vintage-inspired ribbon bookmark DIY

image diy tutorial vintage inspired ribbon bookmark flower cabochon yellow book thong

As I mentioned last week, I am on a bit of a roll with bookmark tutorials due to the fact that I had to make some the other week.  This week I'm showing you how to make your very own ribbon bookmark with a bit of vintage inspiration.
- 25cm length of 15-25mm wide ribbon (or length to fit your usual book size)
- a pair of ribbon end crimps
- jump rings
- a cabochon to match the ribbon
- a metal setting to fit the cabochon
- headpins
- metal charms
- beads to match the ribbon or cabochon
- superglue and/or fabric glue
- jewellery pliers
1. Apply some superglue (or you could use E6000 or two part epoxy resin) to the cabochon setting and carefully place the cabochon into the setting.  Make sure not to use too much glue to avoid squeeze out of excess glue.  If the cabochon you are using has an orientation, make sure you have attached it the right way up!  Set aside the cabochon and setting to let the glue dry.
image diy tutorial vintage inspired ribbon bookmark attach ribbon end crimps to the ends of the ribbon
2. Put a thin stripe of superglue or fabric glue along the inside edge of a ribbon clamp.  Insert one end of the ribbon, making sure it is as centred as possible, then squeeze the clamp shut with the jewellery pliers.  Repeat for the other end of the ribbon.
image diy tutorial vintage inspired ribbon bookmark make bead loops with beads and headpins
3. If you are adding beads to your bookmark, turn each bead into a dangle by putting it onto a headpin.  Cut off the excess pin, leaving 6-7mm above the bead.  Bend the headpin at a 90 degree angle to the bead.
image diy tutorial vintage inspired ribbon bookmark make bead dangles with beads and headpins
4. Curve the headpin end into a loop to complete your bead dangle.
image diy tutorial vintage inspired ribbon bookmark add bead dangles and charms to jump ring
5. Add a bead dangle and a charm to a jump ring and attach it to one end of the ribbon.  You can simply attach a charm or a bead dangle (or a cluster of charms and beads if you wish) to the ribbon end - whatever tickles your fancy!
image diy tutorial vintage inspired ribbon bookmark attach beads and cabochons to ribbon ends
6. Attach the cabochon and its setting to the other end of the ribbon and there you have it, a completed ribbon bookmark!  The beauty of this bookmark is that you can make it as modern or as vintage-inspired as you like, depending on the beads, charms and cabochons you use.  Let me know if you make one, I'd love to see it!

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  1. Cute bookmark! I need to make me one of these. Thanks for posting it! Renee :)


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