Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Granny Chic Jewellery

image granny square necklace red ombre embroidery floss chic jewellery jewelry

Although I haven't been able to create much post surgery (I'm still on enough pain meds to make me drowsy and incapable of doing anything too complex!), I did manage to make quite a few things in the days leading up to my surgery.  One of my fun creations was this ombre granny sqaure necklace.  For those of you who know how to crochet the ubiquitous granny square, all you need to do to make your own necklace is whip up a teeny granny square (I used a 2mm hook and 6-stranded embroidery floss) then attach it to a chain with a jump ring.  You could even make a crocheted necklace chain and crochet it directly to the granny square if you are wanting a completely yarn-based piece of jewellery!  This project is easily completed in an afternoon; I think my problem is going to be stopping at just making one...

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